by Rashmi Malapur - 7th Sep 2023

Visiting Kenya is a once in a lifetime experience owing to its beautiful wildlife, rich local culture and breathtaking spots. Visit Nairobi, Maasai Mara, Mombasa, etc

by Rashmi Malapur - 24th Aug 2023

This article talks about why to visit Uganda and explores the best places to visit in Uganda, which is an amazing place to explore owing to its diversity.

by Rashmi Malapur - 16th Aug 2023

Travel Insurance is a necessity since it saves you from varied challenges you might face while you are on travel. Loss of luggage, delayed flights, emergencies, are some of them. 


by Rashmi Malapur - 2nd Aug 2023

Best wildlife places to visit around the world are listed in this article but it would help if you could speak with tour operators before making travel reservations. 


by Rashmi Malapur - 21st Jul 2023

Space tourism is about travelling to space for leisure or business. There are pros and cons of tourism and different types of space tourism that we have explained in this article.

by Tvisha Sharma - 17th Jul 2023

If you are looking to plan an island trip we suggest you take an offbeat destination and travel there to have a better and more secluded experience. Here is a list of top 3 offbeat islands you need to visit in 2023.

by Tvisha Sharma - 5th Jul 2023

A traveller should experience the joy of being on the road driving through different states in their car at least once. It is an opportunity you can’t miss which is why we are telling you about the top 5 best destinations you need to plan a road trip to in 2023.

by Tvisha Sharma - 26th Jun 2023

Cultural exchange programs are initiatives that promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation through the exchange of people, ideas, and experiences. These programs can take various forms, such as student exchanges, professional exchanges, volunteer programs, and cultural immersion programs.

by Rashmi Malapur - 14th Jun 2023

5 tricks for saving money while traveling are using cheaper modes of transport, avoiding traveling in peak season, booking in advance, staying at hostels and homestays, and choosing to eat local food.


by Rashmi Malapur - 7th Jun 2023

Golf tourism industry is one of the biggest sectors of the tour and travel industry. 10 world’s best golf destinations are Casa de Campo, St. Andrew’s, Pebble Beach Golf Links, etc


by Rashmi Malapur - 23rd May 2023

Best things to do in India is to visit places like the Golden Temple, Goa, Kerala, The Taj Mahal, The Sundarbans, Leh and Ladhak, etc

by Tvisha Sharma - 16th May 2023

The constant need to be on our phones doing something has made us disconnect from reality. To eliminate this and promote mental and physical well-being, digital detox retreats are in demand. Learn about the benefits of digital detox retreats. 

by Rashmi Malapur - 10th May 2023

Voluntourism benefits are; it helps to boost local economy, broadens cultural perspective, promotes various causes, etc.

by Rashmi Malapur - 2nd May 2023

ETOS curates Top 10 places for solo travelers and backpackers for beginners and experienced solo travelers. Read about exciting destinations for solo travelers and backpackers.

by Tvisha Sharma - 27th Apr 2023

Tour operators and destination management companies can take food enthusiasts to amazing locations like such, where they can taste the flavour of the country delightfully. Here are top 3 destinations to experience food tourism. 

by Rashmi Malapur - 19th Apr 2023

Self-driving cars are a boon to the tourism industry. They are economical, safe, and convenient.  


by Rashmi Malapur - 13th Apr 2023

This is a guide for Digital nomads to work remotely and travel around the world. It discusses the benefits of being a digital nomad too.

by Tvisha Sharma - 10th Apr 2023

Latest trends in the travel industry for the year 2023 that will help your business grow and provide insights on the latest and upcoming market needs. 

by Tvisha Sharma - 6th Apr 2023

Through all this, we can't ignore the opportunities 2023 has brought for tour operators. There are plenty of things that a new-age travel agent should know, along with the relevant skills required to tackle difficult situations, provide good service, get ahead, etc.

by Tvisha Sharma - 30th Mar 2023

Tour operators should plan a scuba diving trip because it can offer a unique and exciting experience for their clients. Scuba diving is a popular activity for people who love adventure, exploration, and getting up close and personal with marine life. Here are top 3 scuba diving sites in the world! 

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